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Christian Resources for New Believers.

Welcome to Christian Resources for New Believers. This web site was founded in August, 2002 to strengthen the faith of new believers, and answer questions that skeptics ask. I was a skeptic myself, and on the way to becoming a Christian, I held many wrong beliefs. I credit God, and God alone for bringing me to Him, but I also know that God used many people to bring me to Him. My sincere desire is that He would use me to bring others to Him as well.

Basics of Christianity
  • Are you good enough to get to heaven?
  • 10 Principles for New and Growing Christians.
  • The importance of correct doctrine
  • Finding a good Church
  • Dangerous Teachings
  • Tools and Information for Growth
  • Online King James Bible
  • Bible Studies
  • The Crucifixion of Christ
  • Apologetics
  • Lies in the textbooks
  • Tough issues for not-so-new believers
  • Witnessing
  • Hell's Best Kept Secret
  • Are you good enough to go to heaven?
  • Tracts
    Why use tracts?
    Creator or Liar?
    Love the Jewish People
    The Present
    The Death Cookie
    Doom Town
    The Scam
    Flight 144
    Sin Busters
    In The Beginning
    About This Site
  • About Christian Resources for New Believers
  • Statement of Faith
  • Why I use the King James Version of the Bible
  • Why I use the King James Version of the Bible (2)
  • Reccomended Links
  • VCY America - Christian Radio
  • What People Ask About The Church
  • Pam Stenzel - Abstinence Speaker

  • I would appreciate any feedback you may have, and I would like to start a question/answer session. If you have suggestions for material on this site or have questions to ask, please contact me.

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