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Dear Friend,

As a parent, I think one of the most difficult tasks that we undertake in our society is rearing children.  There are so many things that demand our time and energy in this fast-paced generation, that we are constantly juggling our priorities in an effort to do what is best for our own family.  However, many times what is best gets overwhelmed by the pressing matters of life.  As a result, our children may not be receiving the ethical, moral, and spiritual foundation necessary to produce in them a lifestyle that will sustain them in difficult times.  Will the training they have help them make good value judgments for the immediate and for the future?

Fortunately, there is an answer for the troubles and the dilemma we face.  The answer is the clear teachings of the Bible.  The Bible provides the lasting values that every member of the family needs in order to become the kind of people I believe we all want to be and want our children to be.  The Bible is the sure foundation whose principles of right and truth never change.  The Bible provides an anchor for the soul that will support us through all the storms of life.

Every Sunday the truths of the Bible are taught to all ages through our Sunday School and Church services.  It is my hope and prayer that you and your family might know the joy of a personal walk with Jesus Christ, God's Son, and the blessings of worshipping together as a family this Sunday.  Give your family the Biblical foundation that provides each the personal and family values needed in our ever-changing world.

Pastor Stephen Terpstra



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