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Faith Baptist School, a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, was founded by Dr. Max Weniger in 1972.  The school is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools and its parent organization, the American Association of Christian Schools.  We believe it is by these associations that we are able to further help our teachers to be all that God wants them to be without further training and development.  This will then enable them to help our students to be everything God would have them to be.

In an age dominated by humanistic philosophies, Faith Baptist Church has determined to base its education on Jesus Christ and His word.  The philosophy of the church will determine its curriculum and its procedures, which in turn determine the product of the school.

Our school philosophy is governed by three core beliefs: The number one purpose of our Christian school is to develop Christ-likeness in the character and life of each student.  Our second purpose is to strive for academic excellence in preparation for life.  Our third purpose is to train our children to have a deep appreciation for our country and the freedoms we enjoy as U.S. citizens.

Faith Baptist Church recognizes the depth of this challenge, and is dedicated to this task.  We want our children to be prepared for life through a solid education, a love for Christ, and the wisdom to live as He would want them to live.

We hope this has given you a little insight into what we are accomplishing with the help of God.  We seek to apply this philosophy to every class and activity in order to train our children to love the Lord and desire to serve Him with all their heart.

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